Domain / Hosting
Choosing an effective domain name and partnering with a reliable web hosting provider to generate effective branding and consistent service is an important step in ensuring long-term online success.

Domain Registration and Web Hosting

Much more than just a name, a domain defines your online corporate identity.

Just like any off-line brick and mortar business, your online business needs a location to exist. That virtual property can segmented into two elements: Your Domain Name and Web Hosting.

A domain name is like the land you would build an offline business on. Having a poor domain name doesn't guarantee failure, but it certainly makes success much more difficult. Consider this: it is possible to build a very successful shoe store in a remote location, but the prospects of success are far higher if it is built in the downtown business district.

Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name should certainly not be a quickly thought-out decision, nor a choice based on personal taste or a frivolous affinity for a word or phrase. Although the obvious choice for a domain would be one that mirrors your business name, there are many elements of quality domain name registration and Elemental Codeworks can assist you with the process.

Effective and Dependable Web Hosting

Once your domain name is registered, it needs to be professionally hosted by a stable and dependable web host (the unmanned computer that displays your web site to visitors). The quality of a site's host determines the difference between your site being available twenty-four hours a day and being 'down' when a potential customer is searching for your site.

Elemental Codeworks takes the complexity out of the process by guiding your through the maze of confusion that you need to understand before choosing your domain and web host. Terms such as server collocation, node redundancy, signal latency and every other element of web hosting can be explained to you in simple terms.

Additionally, due to our existing contracts with several professional web hosting firms we can help you arrange service with the host that best matches the needs and budget of your specific needs. Contact Us today for more information.