Navigation / Usability
The usability and accesibility of your web site drastically affects sales and customer satisfaction. In today's 'instant gratification' society, consumers want a quick and easy purchase process, making usability today more important than ever.

On-Site Navigation and Web Usability

Customers will not jump over hurdles to find information. If they become frustrated, they will move on elsewhere.

A critical error that a new web presence can make is to develop a new idea or product and then expect results from the first prototype. In order to be successful, the proper cycle of development needs to include several phases of user-based testing and subsequent modification.

Consider this: would you serve to your family a pasta sauce that you made without ever taste-tasting it? Of course not - so why would you invest a significant amount of time and money into a web presence, and then simply stick with a first design?

When It Comes To Usability: Novices Guess, Professionals Test

Elemental Codeworks has access to a large network of websites, enabling us to archive a large amount of surfer data. This allows us to investigate many aspects of site functionality relating to accessibility and usability. As an example, did you know that we have found that HTML links are 34% more likely to be clicked if they have a 'mouse-over effect' than if they do not? Novices guess, professionals test.

Accessibility: Small Differences - Huge Results

Web accessibility directly impacts number of 'actual visitors' that your site generates. You will often see a site's popularity represented in terms of 'unique visitors', but this does not indicate that the surfer was able to effectively access the content on the site.

Qualitative testing and comprehensive implementation of details such as:

are often overlooked, and these can significantly increase your site's profitability. When a larger percentage of the people visiting your website can actually see your website as it is intended, a greater portion of you business potential is converted into profit.

Usability evaluation for your web presence

Savvy website owners understand that usability is one of the foundation keys to online success. To arrange a usability audit of your web presence, or to discuss this topic further with us, please do so via our contact form.