Promotion / Publicity
Website promotion informs potential customers and current clients of your web presence. Whether the promotion is done online or offline, the goal is the same - as you cannot sell a product or provide support from a website that nobody knows exists.

Site Promotion and Publicity

Site promotion and publicity delivers effective growth and exposes untapped sources of customers to your products.

Building a professional web presence must include the task of getting your website noticed. Initial promotion, search engine optimization (SEO) and site publicity ensure that the popularity of your website consistently grows towards your long term goals. Traffic analysis can also be used to show where your site has NOT been getting traffic from and how those additional pathways can be opened wider.

Promotion: Getting Your Site 'Out There'

Have you ever looked at a competitor's website and wondered why so many people go to it, or where the visitors are coming from? A large portion of a traffic for a website can be delivered through several standard promotional methods:

Additionally, carefully selected paid advertising can provide a profitable traffic stream for your business, but it must be dilligently monitored to avoid unprofitable avenues.

Traffic Analysis: Getting to Know Your Visitors

Traffic analysis provides detailed statistics about visitors to a web site. By evaluating traffic sources and patterns in behavior, using tools such as Google Analytics, you can site traffic and identify problematic or beneficial trends as they develop.

Imagine the following situations:

You would want to be informed about these situations as soon as possible - and by monitoring traffic effectively you can.

Applying These Techniques

Let our traffic experts roll up their sleeves and get to work on your behalf. Using completely legal 'white hat' Search engine optimization and promotion techniques, we are able to takes the guesswork out of traffic procurement and competitive marketing. Contact us today to increase your on-site traffic and profit through effective website promotion and traffic analysis.