Our Solutions
Elemental Codeworks provides high-end web development and promotion services. In addition to offering a vast array of solutions, we specialize in the following areas:
Web Presence Creation

Web Presence Creation

A web presence that represents your corporate identity is much more than a collection of words and pictures. It should be the synthesis of website design elements in a way that allows a business web presence to convey the brand, the feel and the functionality that your clients and customers seek... Read more »

Site Promotion and Publicity

Site Promotion / Publicity

Building a professional web presence must include the task of getting your website noticed. Initial promotion, search engine optimization and detailed traffic analysis / statistical metrics can be used to ensure that the popularity of your website consistently grows towards your long term goals... Read more »

On-Site Navigation and Usability

Navigation / Usability

A critical error that a new web presence can make is to develop a new idea or product and then expect results from the first prototype. In order to be successful, the proper cycle of development needs to include several phases of user-based testing and subsequent modification... Read more »

Domain Registration and Web Hosting

Domain / Web Hosting

A domain name is like the land you would build an offline business on. Having a poor domain name doesn't guarantee failure, but it certainly makes success much more difficult. Consider this: it is possible to build a very successful shoe store in a remote location, but the prospects of success are far higher if it is built in the downtown business district... Read more »

Technical and Sales Copywriting


Although writing using keyword rich text helps to optimize your website for search engine rankings, the importance of copywriting is centered around providing information to customers and guiding them from Point 'A' to the Point Of Sale. The copywriters we work with have written website tours which are visited by millions of people per month... Read more »

Programming and Database Design

Programming / Database

We provide everything from basic Javascript programming for web pages to complex AJAX, PHP, MYSQL, and C++. Customer service systems, order tracking, merchant account billing, inventory programming, shipping and procurement can all be seamlessly integrated into a web accessible online backend system... Read more »